GRASSROOTS FOCUS: Shouldn’t The People Of Ajeromi/Ifelodun Re-Elect Hon.Ayoola?


By Emeagi Emeka Williams

THE above question became consequential at a crucial time as this when our orbit had tilted and tilted, and finally spotted a MR.MAGIC, the current Mr.Midas, the possessor of the golden fingers of transformation; I am talking of the incumbent Executive Chairman of Ajeromi/Ifelodun Local Govt Area, Lagos State-Hon.Fatai Adekunle Ayoola.

This man has categorically emphasised that leadership is a calling and not a choice- the passion and vigour with which he has been dispensing outstanding leadership substantiate this assertion.

I will like to present a few chunks from his fat record: and i want to unequivocally note that apart from the intimidating exploits he has made in the area of the provision of basic infrastructure and amenities which are palpable from the amazing on going massive investments at the Maracana stadium, an essential sporting facility which will re ignite the sporting and championship spirit of Ajegunle youths and desuade them monumentally from criminality; the Tolu Housing Estate- arguably the first- of -its- kind housing feat by any third tier leader in the history of Lagos state; the entrepreneurship and human capital development strides that have empowered countless citizens and indigenes of the area towards heightening the dividends of democracy so direly needed by the hitherto economically emasculated people of Ajegunle, Hon.Fatai Adekunle Ayoola, recently stunned his contemporaries, the state and indeed, the world by taking a giant leap from the gloom of the ENDSARS destruction visited upon the AJIF secretariat unto the euphoria of magnifence, as he has shamed the enemies with the reconstruction, renewal and repositioning of the secretariat for the continuation of his eclectic, progressive, developmental and people- oriented local government administration, such hard to witness in any other Lagos clime in this dispensation.

Hon.Ayoola has made the secretariat more fascinating than it was before the ugly attack of Oct, 2020, thereby proving cynics and critics wrong.
This he has achieved through corporate and strategic governance borne out of a raw intrinsic penchant to make marks so indellible and insurmountable, as legacies.

No doubt, records are being set by this cool actualiser who moved hypnotically to amaze the Lagos state government officials who were yet scheming out ways to come to the aid of the council leadership.
With Hon.Ayoola’s eyes strongly fixed at delivering or completing all ongoing projects before the close of the last quarter of this administration, and with a projection to set a beautiful trend in the annals of leaders of the LGA, through sundry long term and short term development agenda, the huge and salient question from Timeswatch quarter is- SHOULD THE GOOD PEOPLE OF AJEROMI/IFELODUN LGA NOT UNANIMOUSLY USE THEIR VOTES TO SEEK THE CONTINUATION OF THE NOBLE DEEDS OF THIS EVER- READY- TO- SERVE MAN OF DEVELOPMENT AS THE NEXT ELECTION DRAWS NEAR?

This question became essential due to the fact that the voice of the people is the voice of God, and also due to the belief that every good turn deserves another!
The recent spectacular budget presentation of his administration was an echo which even the deaf heard concerning Hon.Ayoola’s rhythym of success!

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