By Emeagi Emeka Williams

THE grassroots leadership terrain is very crucial to overall development and thus should be valued as a sacred ground that should never be desecrated by any omnibus authority in a given government.

This is largely due to the fact that the councils are closest to the rural and suburban areas, even the people.
Undebatably, a vibrant council leadership will translate to even development that will take the pressure off urban and metropolitan areas.
These backgrounds are parts of the reasons the LG system must work effectively so as to result in overall growth that alters the socio economic status of the entire country.

Against the aforesaid, it is worrisome therefore to hear that plans are in the offing by the Lagos state govt to truncate the process meant to achieve the 2021 councils election in the state.

When the information filtered through the media penultimate week, that the LASG may not hold this all important election due to prevalent economic misfortune traceable to the pandemic and the hurricane -like Endsars protests which had a devastating impact on the economy of the state, many political cum leadership observers and stakeholders were saddened, dispirited and disappointed over a report that showed govt’s preparedness to tow the path of dishonour and illegality, owing to the sacrosanct reality that no amount of excuse or justification that will be tendered by the governor Sanwoolu- led administration can change the truth that the worst democratically instituted LG govt is far better in legitimacy and economic rating than an imposed transitional one.

Though the information did not come as an official declaration, it raised the suspicion that the All Progressives Congress, APC govt in Lagos is possibly scheming ways to thwart the constitutional guidelines that rule the third tier realm of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the blueprint which directs the state INEC organs to regulate the 774 local govts.

The mindset of Lagosians from our findings is that the present govt has plans to favour some loyalists perhaps to spread the cake round before the expiration of this tenure
To unjustly elongate control of the LGs already suffocating under the manipulation of the state, sequel to lack of autonomy, will amount to dictatorial antics and disrespect for the collective desire of the people who are already hell bent on exercising franchise for the sake of development.

Obviously, all Lagos democrats will be disappointed should Gov.Sanwoolu proceed to allow the undemocratic imposition of transition chairmen for Lagos LGs.
Therefore the apt thing for the leadership of Gov.Sanwoolu to do is to shun party interests and follow the constitution as the time ticks and Lagosians are impatiently waiting to vote for their choice candidates in the spirit of democracy and due process.

The governor should also do this to debunk the claim or suspicion of many a critic of his administration who may be more interested to have him record more demerits.
More so, the APC as a party is struggling to build integrity and eligibility as 2023 draws near, following the hardship and spate of insecurity in the land; and the opposition are dead ready to cash on all governmental misdemeanor to totally discredit the party which has continued to sustain a stronghold in the state since 1999 when democracy returned.

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