Nigeria’s Public Analyst And Health Expert Receives Merit Award In Lagos


By Uche Ogbonnaya

A gospel music group, Gospel Melody International, yesterday, Sunday 11th, 2021, bestowed a merit award upon Nigeria’s Public Analyst, leadership critic and alternative/complimentary medicine professional, Dr. Femi Isaac Adebanji, who is also the Medical Director of Reverence Hospital, Lagos; in recognition of his immense contributions to the development of their career and gospel music, as well as his immeasurable humanitarian services targeted at improving the lives of people in diverse communities.

From Timeswatch findings, the group conferred this award on Dr. Femi Adebanji after years of following his activities closely and after his countless supports for their music cause.

In recent times, this meritorious health safety provider statesman and strategic public servant has been in media kleighlight due to his objective leadership and socio-economic observations with which he had expressed concern over and about the dwindling fortunes of Nigeria; as well as preferred specific solutions.

Dr. Adebanji is a recipient of several organisational and media honours whose stand for good governance, accountability and a restructured Nigeria remains unwavering.

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