C-U-L-T-U-R-E: NEW YAM FEAST; IGBO WHO-IS-WHO GATHER IN ABORU FOR THANKSGIVING, As Igbo Speaking Community, Lagos Honour Eze Ndigbo Aboru


By Emeagi Emeka Williams

Sunday the 12th September, will remain evergreen and remarkably historical in the minds of the Igbo community in Aboru, one of the most peaceful and progressive provinces of Agbado-Oke Odo Local Council Development Area of Alimosho, Lagos state.


It was a day like none ever, when illustrious sons and daughters of the Igbo nation arrived Aboru for the 2021 iriji festival, at the instance of the monarch of the Igbo community, His Royal Highness, Eze (Dr.) Ephraim Nnaemeka, Okosisi 1.
‘Eze Digital’ as Nnaemeka is otherwise called, drew the creme-de-la-creme of the Igbo race from across Lagos, Nigeria and indeed, other parts of the world, on behalf of the council of chiefs and the entire Ndigbo in Aboru for the New Yam Feast.

At the Obi Ndigbo along Ojikutu road, in that town that very day, traditional activities such as dances, heralded the iwaji and iriji rites, performed by Nnaemeka, backed by visiting Ezes and prominent stakeholders.
At this year’s yam feast were Eze Igbo, Igbogbo Bayeku, Eze Igbo India, Eze Igbo Lagos, Eze Igbo Ikeja, etc.

Also in attendance at the dignitaries studded flamboyant occasion were President General and Chairman, Igbo Speaking Community, Lagos state, Spokesman of the Igbo community in Quatar, UAE, Yoruba leaders, Youth leaders, religion leaders and various interest groups.
The attendance was massive and pointed to the fact that the Igbo community of Aboru has metamorphosed into an enviable enclave of Ndigbo with distinctive socio cultural cum leadership characteristics as are pivotally exemplified by Eze Nnaemeka.

This year’s new yam festival was dotted with a never-seen-before jamboree and surplus wining and dining which charged the festivity’s atmosphere explosively.
Speaking on the occasion, Eze Nnaemeka told Newsmen who included Timeswatch correspondents that he is delighted to be playing host to the avalanche of respectable cultural and leadership stakeholders who chose to align with Ndigbo in Aboru.

He noted as follows, “It is a heart warming experience to see that Igbo leaders of thought have recognised what God is doing in Aboru through our instrumentality and cooperation of all Ndigbo here.
“I am happy that our mission to serve God and humanity is becoming a global vision.
“I am proud to say that in Aboru, the Igbo Kingdom is founded on the principles of truth, fairness and the need to serve, give, lead, and not rule”.

Echoes from some dignitaries who made commentaries on the feast and the host, described the new yam feast as something that can be compared to the thanksgiving service of the church.
Some referred to Nnaemeka as the King Solomon of our era, and as an outstanding Eze amongst his pairs, amongst other panegyric remarks.
One of the high points of the occasion was the presentation of recognition certificate to Eze Nnaemeka by the leadership of the Igbo Speaking Community, Lagos state for his decision to serve God and Humanity.

The 2021 Aboru new yam festival was preceded by a chieftaincy coronation earlier in the day, at the palace, upon Chief Theodore Osuji, who was bestowed with the Okenze 1, on popular demand , in recognition of his selfless ways and commitment to the development of Ndigbo in Aboru and humanity in general.

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