Sunday, July 3, 2022



By Emeagi Emeka

Apparently vexed by the gruesome murder of a college lady, Deborah, by those who alleged that she spoke blasphemously of Prophet Mohammed in Sokoto, Islam Scholar and President of Al- Seyewih Islamic Foundation, Idris Abass Seye, has condemned the barbaric act and its perpetrators.


Addressing reporters in Lagos at the weekend, the vocal and fire spitting cleric expressed chagrin over what he called lawlessness in Islam and as far the laws of the federal republic of Nigeria is concerned.
Idris who quoted portions of the Qur’an and the book of Leviticus in the Bible, pointed that people of the various religions are not supposed to insult the prophets or lords of each other, stressing that though late Deborah made provocative or blasphemous remarks, no one reserved the right to take her life when the laws Had not condemned her to death.

Idris affirmed that the teachings of the prophet placed so much emphasis on tolerance, love and respect, situation which has rendered the killers liable for judgement here and hereafter.
Referring to those who beat, stoned, killed and burnt Deborah as those who did not understand Islam, he averred that it is not possible for them to know the truth more than the great Sultan of Sokoto who has already written in condemnation of the development and noted that all the culprits must face the law.
“From all I know as a strong adherent of the Islam faith, it is not written in the Qur’an nor have I found it in the testaments of the prophets.
“Though some schools of thought in Islam hold that such blasphemy attracts death penalty.
“Even when there is such, the judicial arm of Islam which is Sharia, should handle the issue.
“Again such a situation must also be viewed from the omnibus national laws because everyone is under the law.
“So I am saying that what the killers of Deborah did was arrant nonsense.
“They are painting Islam black, and Prophet Mohammed (SAW) in his teachings maintained values that pleased the almighty Allah and attracted converts.
“I stand to be corrected, those guys, though are my Islam brothers, did rubbish.
“Who told them that Deborah cannot accept Islam tomorrow?
“Once, a Christian lady in the North accepted Islam and Islam protected her in the faith till date.
“All those who killed Deborah took the laws into their hands, and would be judged by Allah even if those in authority fail to bring them to book.
“I am of the Islam faith not because I was born a Muslim, but because I embraced Islam and understand it thoroughly as a religion of love and peace”, Idris sounded.


He therefore tasked Nigerians to be law abiding, and learn to love one another as Islam and Christianity established through Issa and Mohammed(SAW), the prophets, stressing that if prophet Mohammed(SAW) was loveless, he would never have won converts.
“But my advice is that no one should ridicule the faith of another, not even the faith of idol worshippers should be mocked if we must maintain the peace”, he ended.


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